President’s Message

Thank you for coming to AU’s bargaining site for information and updates on what’s happening at the university.

Bargaining is part of a normal relationship between groups of employees and management in post-secondary organizations. It happens every few years and each time it is important. Both parties are asked to come to the table and have discussions about what’s working and what’s not.

Understandably, that can be difficult.

The current negotiations between AU and AUFA are no different. We’ve come through difficult times at AU and turned a corner. Much work is still ahead of us as we challenge our assumptions about how learning can take place. Our processes need to support us as we grow. We need to look at the ways we work together. This is at the heart of the discussions between AU and AUFA.

A strong relationship with everyone at the university – students, academics and professionals, tutors, support staff and administration – is critical as we transform through IMAGINE and mature into an innovative organization that transforms lives and communities.

On any long journey, there will be bumps and disagreements. We need to speak and listen openly, honestly and respectfully as we work through our issues together.

There is a deal to be had at the bargaining table and that is what the university’s bargaining team is working towards.

To our students, I would ask for your patience. This is a process and deserves the time required to achieve a good outcome. In the meantime, it is studies as usual for you and we remain committed to keeping you up to date.

To our community, we ask the same and make the same commitment. Please bookmark this site and check back for information. Also, let us know if you have further questions or concerns.


Dr. Neil Fassina
President, Athabasca University