Bargaining update: Mediation day 1

As you may know, AUFA recently applied for formal mediation. AU felt this application was premature. Yesterday, AU and AUFA attended the first of four days of mediation scheduled for this week.

After lengthy discussions with the mediator, AU tabled a package which included proposals that addressed items AUFA had identified were priorities for them. Regrettably, AUFA decided not to respond to AU’s proposal and instead walked away from mediation after only one day.

AUFA did not table a single proposal.

It is extremely disappointing that AUFA chose to end mediation, even though the university was prepared to continue to work with the mediator for the rest of the week. AUFA continues to demonstrate its previously stated intention to take its members out on strike.

We know this is an uncertain time for our community. We have said all along our goal is to achieve a negotiated settlement and we remain committed to this.

We will continue to keep you updated throughout this process.