AUFA bargaining update

The AU and AUFA bargaining teams had intended to meet on Wednesday, June 23, 2021 for a half-day session. The AU bargaining team was prepared to discuss several topics, including:

  • Article 8–Grievance Procedure
  • Article 10–Discrimination and Harassment
  • Article 25–Occupational Health and Safety

Unfortunately, bargaining did not occur as AUFA cancelled bargaining. AUFA’s preference is that monetary items are discussed next. AU’s bargaining committee, however, would prefer to discuss its proposal covering all non-monetary items first. The committee feels that is both common and best practice in bargaining and that monetary items should be discussed last. We are hopeful that AUFA will agree to come back to the table so that the parties can work towards reaching agreement.

We will continue to keep the university community up to date as negotiations continue. Sessions may be scheduled over the summer or again in September.